I have been blessed with fantastic locations and a partner willing to put up with my photo addiction. I am a bit nomadic and that feeds my desire to see new places, to find new things. My moves have put me in the Midwest (Ohio and Indiana), New York, Florida, and Colorado. In addition to living in these locations, I have also traveled from those states to many great parks, cities, and cultural sites.

My first published photo changed my outlook on when to stop to capture an image. I drove past some benches several times. Each time I passed, I thought "that would make a good photo." I finally got the shot. Later it was submitted to a magazine and published. From that day on, if I see something I want to capture, I stop and get the picture.

I have had my photography on display many times. Currently I am part of the ARTery in Dayton, Ohio. The gallery is at the Front Street Building Company in downtown Dayton. The galleries are open the first Friday and third Sunday each month. Additionally, I have all the gear to start doing weekend festivals. Look for me out and about!